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I am a fantasy and science fiction author of both stories and poetry. I’ve been named a Grand Master by the Science Fiction and Fantasy Poetry Association, and have twice won both the Elgin Award and the Rhysling Award. My work has appeared in Analog, Asimov’s, F&SF, Fantasy Magazine, Science, and Strange Horizons.

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How to Navigate Our Universe


(September 2023)

How to Be a Star

Gravitationally collapse a nebula.
Fuse hydrogen into helium.
If desired, explode.

How-to astronomy poetry to answer vexing questions such as How to Surprise Saturn, How to Blush Like Betelgeuse, and How to Survive a Black Hole.

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Featured, Interviews

An interview with Andrea Blythe as part of the New Books in Poetry podcast, 1/2022.

In the podcast, I talk primarily about The Sign of the Dragon, but also my writing more generally.

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Goran’s review on Goodreads of The Sign of the Dragon, December 2021.

“But if you are one of those Becky Chambers-loving, hopeful people who look for the positive in humanity, if you are someone who wants to read something truly experimental, a kind of multicultural hopepunk story with Guy Gavriel Kay-level emotions… You will love this book as I did. You will cherish the characters, the words and the lyricism.”

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Featured, Interviews

An interview with Jeremy Bai in the Asian Fantasy Fiction podcast, 5/13/2021

In the podcast, I talk about The Sign of the Dragon, writing, my accent, and other topics.

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A review of Elemental Haiku by Marian Christie, February 2021.

The elements are presented according to their atomic number, beginning with hydrogen, β€˜fundamental, essential’, and ending with the hypothetical element 119 which has not yet been synthesised and which, I discover, has the temporary name ununennium. Lee has a magisterial ability to impart facts clearly, concisely and engagingly. In these short poems she succeeds in conveying the distinctive characteristics of each element, their inter-relationships, their applications and their role in history, be it on a human, planetary or cosmic scale.

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A review of Elemental Haiku from Provo City Library, December 2020.

These brief, structured poems present the wonders of the universe in a very accessible and light format as science and art combine beautifully…. A perfect book for reading aloud or just contemplating quietly while you relax, Elemental Haiku would make a great gift for the science nerd in your life.

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