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I am a fantasy and science fiction author of both stories and poetry. I’ve won the Elgin Award and the Rhysling Award, and my work has appeared in Analog, Asimov’s, Daily Science Fiction, F&SF, Fireside, Science, and Strange Horizons.

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The Sign of the Dragon


JABberwocky Literary Agency, Inc. (April 21, 2020)

Winner of the 2021 Elgin Award, The Sign of the Dragon is an epic fantasy told in poetry. Of all the things I’ve written, it’s the one that matters most to me. It began with a single poem about a boy chosen by a dragon to be king. I meant the poem to be a standalone piece, but the boy stayed with me, and I returned and wrote more, and more, and more poems about him. Over three hundred poems in the end.

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An interview with Jeremy Bai in the Asian Fantasy Fiction podcast, 5/13/2021

In the podcast, I talk about The Sign of the Dragon, writing, my accent, and other topics.

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A review of Elemental Haiku by Marian Christie, February 2021.

The elements are presented according to their atomic number, beginning with hydrogen, ‘fundamental, essential’, and ending with the hypothetical element 119 which has not yet been synthesised and which, I discover, has the temporary name ununennium. Lee has a magisterial ability to impart facts clearly, concisely and engagingly. In these short poems she succeeds in conveying the distinctive characteristics of each element, their inter-relationships, their applications and their role in history, be it on a human, planetary or cosmic scale.

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A review of Elemental Haiku from Provo City Library, December 2020.

These brief, structured poems present the wonders of the universe in a very accessible and light format as science and art combine beautifully…. A perfect book for reading aloud or just contemplating quietly while you relax, Elemental Haiku would make a great gift for the science nerd in your life.

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(A guest post for the Wicked Writing Corner, November 2020.)

I write both poetry and fiction. Viewed as separate activities — wearing either my poetry hat or my fiction hat — I have little to add to the voluminous advice already out there. But I do have thoughts about what happens if you try to jam both hats on your head at once. In particular, I have thoughts about the unwise practice of writing book-length, hard-to-market, epic narrative poetry.

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A review of The Sign of the Dragon by Ann K. Schwader, June 2020.

What an utterly beautiful, impressive, & occasionally heartbreaking reading experience! Having read Crowned, the first portion of this fantasy novel-in-poems, a few years ago, I was eager to see what the whole novel would be like — and it did not disappoint. In fact, it turned out to be much more than I’d been expecting, both in quality & in scope….

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